Spencer Docken

Manager, Edmonton Office

With an education in business and ecotourism, Spencer immediately developed an affinity for working with Samsara Marketing. The people he found himself surrounded by in our Victoria office, the opportunities for advancement and travel, as well as the fulfillment that came along with helping charitable organizations motivated Spencer to become an office manager in Edmonton, AB. Spencer appreciates that at Samsara, his personal performance is not only encouraged but celebrated by management and peers alike. Over the past year, we have been proud to watch Spencer’s growth and success. His sense of humor and kindness is recognized by each of us, and we are confident in his ability to lead by example. Spencer takes great pride in remaining genuine and honest in each interaction he has, whether it be with clients, management, his peers, or his very own team. With a true appreciation for nature, a love of being outdoors and a talent for most sports, Spencer is a well-rounded, enthusiastic, and valuable member of our team.