Robbie Macdonald

Manager, Calgary Office

After several years in the HVAC and refrigeration industry, Robbie redirected his career path and joined Victoria’s Samsara team. Born and bred in Victoria, Robbie ventured out to assist in the opening of our Langley office and then out to Calgary. As with most others, it was originally our team that attracted Robbie to our company. As he settled into his role, Robbie appreciated the ability to reap the immediate benefits of his work ethic. He recognized the opportunities for advancement and embraced our core belief that everyone can make a fruitful living doing what they love. His keen ability to focus on goals and exceed them set Robbie on his path to management. His focus and determination serves him well as he dedicates his positive energy to ensuring the success of his team. His warm smile and genuine charisma shines both in and out of office. During the brief moments when Robbie isn’t working, he spends his time as a loving uncle to multiple nephews and enjoys time outdoors.