Mark Wutzke

Manager, Edmonton Office

Before opening our Edmonton office, Mark explored several career paths. He played for the Canadian U-21 National soccer team and then in Europe for nearly 2 years before a career-ending knee injury. Rather than letting that interfere with his his positive outlook, he dedicated himself first to teaching and then to sales in the oil and gas industry. With that, he gained a sense of fulfillment from teaching while appreciating the profitability of the sales industry. At Samsara Marketing, Mark has the privilege of embracing the best of both worlds. Mark’s passion lies in helping people, mentoring and supporting the young men and women in his office, and  reaps the rewards of the hard work and time he dedicates to our industry. Alongside his wife and daughter, Mark spends time outdoors entertaining friends and family and cheering on the Edmonton Oilers. Aside from his avid love of Star Wars, Mark’s biggest claim to fame is that he makes the world’s best burgers.