Being the most effective method of donor acquisition, face-to-face interactions are our specialty. Our forward-thinking and in-depth training prepares our team for any obstacles they may encounter. We hire only the best because we understand the importance of selecting charismatic, knowledgeable and talented agents to professionally represent our clients.

Door-to-door acquisition allows us to make direct contact with thousands of potential donors each day. More in-person contact with donors means more funding for your organization, and most importantly,  the more lives we can all impact. We’ve implemented the use of tablets and personalized software to ensure we connect donors to your cause in real-time.

Business-to-business acquisition grants us the opportunity to direct market your cause to local businesses that wouldn’t normally qualify for large-scale corporate giving programs. Thus, we gain access to an otherwise untapped market that can be grossly beneficial for everyone.

Street acquisition places our highly-skilled team in the most high-traffic points throughout major cities to engage the public. Our team will direct well-informed conversations that lead to securing contribution. We utilize street acquisition in conjunction with door-to-door acquisition to maximize contact with potential donors that may be missed due to their location or type of housing.

Event marketing encompasses establishing connections with potential donors in a wide variety of settings. Depending on your comfort level and our creativity, we can bridge any gap between donors and our clients.