Plan International Canada is an independent, not-for-profit, and inclusive humanitarian organization. Their focused goal is to improve the lives of children in developing countries by prioritizing child protection, education, participation, economic security, water sanitation, reproductive health, providing aid during emergencies and giving children a healthy start in life. We stand proudly behind Plan International and their endless capacity to advance children’s rights and promote equality for girls.

For many years, Plan International Canada had relied on door-to-door donor acquisition to aid in their funding goals. Seeking a stronger provider to acquire more long-term monthly donors, Plan International sought out the expertise of Samsara Marketing. They were aiming to collaborate with a marketing team that possessed cutting-edge technology, honest reporting, diverse experience and the ability to meet their aggressive targets.


Plan needed to increase the volume of long-term monthly donors to fund their cause. The specific challenges presented to the Samsara Marketing team were that Plan International wanted clear data to confirm that our business model was superior to or at the minimum comparable to other providers. They wanted to partner with a reliable team that would meet campaign deadlines while staying on budget as well as reach set fundraising targets.


We assembled two experienced fundraising teams. One focused solely on door-to-door acquisition while the other introduced our business-to-business marketing campaign that appealed to small businesses. We developed and integrated the technology needed for our new B2B to thrive and deployed our two campaigns across two provinces including every major city.


Samsara Marketing exceeded all fundraising targets while staying on budget and meeting every deadline. Not only that, but we completed subsequent renewals three months ahead of schedule, our technology provided a clear and concise new view of donor analytics for both campaigns and we secured a three-year partnership with Plan Canada.