CANFAR is the only national charitable foundation that raises awareness and generates funding for research into all aspects of HIV infection and AIDS. CANFAR has invested more than 18 million dollars into research initiatives across Canada. Donor contributions support fundamental and applied research, education, prevention and care, psychosocial initiatives and community research. CANFAR is working to end aids globally.


For the first time in many years, CANFAR wanted to explore the benefits of door-to-door acquisition. Although they had a small group of legacy donors, they wanted to test a public sample to identify prospects and raise awareness for their cause. An evaluation was needed to discover how the public would respond to their research foundation, and thanks to our real-time analytics and full transparency we were an ideal partner. CANFAR required confirmation that we could increase their donor base, increase revenue, uphold brand integrity, and educate the public. Our technology and field agents were to be assessed for effectiveness while providing real-time data regarding all donor interactions.


Since face-to-face fundraising was a new avenue being pursued by CANFAR, we needed to develop procedures to integrate payments, donor information and develop a custom workaround that would integrate into their existing systems. This campaign required strategic planning and market assessment, evaluation of donor analytics and most importantly, a dedicated, educated, and well-versed team of field agents.


In addition to fully customizing our technology and fundraising platform to seamlessly integrate with that of CANFAR’s, we began our campaign with a small sample campaign with a lower monthly ask. We customized a PCI compliant solution that allowed us to share data with their existing CRM system, and we provided key stakeholders with real-time analytics to ensure transparency.


We acquired the desired amount of long-term monthly donors by depending on our experienced marketing team and evaluating never-before-seen real-time data. We acquired more long-term monthly donor than expected during the first door-to-door campaign, and provided ongoing support to help CANFAR gain the most benefit and insight into door-to-door campaigning.