The BC Cancer Foundation is the largest funder of cancer research in British Columbia and a partner of the BC Cancer Society. Donor contributions support cutting-edge medical research that has a direct impact on improvement to cancer care for patients.


The BC Cancer Foundation recognized that the most effective way to gain donor support was through door-to-door fundraising. The bold goal of acquiring 20,000 donors in three years was proposed. Samsara Marketing vowed to meet this goal in order to ensure the foundation had the necessary funding to support the most groundbreaking research in the world. They were seeking an experienced team to build lasting donor relationships, appreciated our technology and ability to keep them well-informed with real-time data. Most importantly, the BC Cancer Foundation sought assurance that we could provide revenue increases, positive results, and enhance their brand value.


In order to meet the goal of 20,000 donors over the span of three years, we needed to ensure that our field agents were well-trained and our technology was up-to-date. The BCCF required full transparency, from real-time donor responses to attrition rates. Alongside that, they wanted insight as to how to improve results. Strategic planning was a necessary component of this campaign to ensure we reached our goal and provided valuable insight.
We built one of our strongest door-to-door fundraising campaigns and enhanced the use of our technology to analyze the success of each acquisition. Our target markets were analyzed, tested, and thoroughly evaluated to ensure client satisfaction. We then executed our tested face-to-face fundraising method and provided real-time analytics to ensure the full transparency of the campaign. Weekly meetings were held with key stakeholders to ensure satisfaction, transparency, and collaboration.


Due to the dedication of our team and our detailed market analysis, Samsara Marketing acquired the ideal number of long-term monthly donors. During our first campaign, we acquired more long-term donors than originally targeted, and during year two we increased the number of recurring donors by 100 percent.